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  • Infused with power (you'll soon be the longest hitter in your foursome). 

  • More consistent (your body will be able to repeat a sound swing for 18 holes). 

  • Pain-Free (no more lower back pain - a full swing with power will be the result). 

  • Effortless (you won't have to swing out of your shoes to hit it long). 

  • Efficient for 18 holes (no more blow-up holes causing a big number on score card). 

  • Long off the tee (you'll no longer be embarrassed when it's your turn to hit). 

  • A birdie machine (you'll finally have more chances at making a birdie each round).

  • Finally Enjoy The 19th Hole (they'll be talking about your game for once).

And that’s just the Tip Of the Iceburg!

Mike Pedersen

P.S: Online Training Program For Golfers is a private membership site to help golfers add more distance, play pain-free golf, and enjoy the game for years to come. The online golf videos are very helpful as well as the golf information specific to golfers.