Simple Exercises For Better Golf Posture

Simple exercises for better golf posture are just a click away!

As golfers, we've gotten it pounded in our heads how important golf posture is, but to get better golf posture, you need to do simple golf exercises to strengthen your posture (spine) muscles. You can hit as many balls as you want...it's not going to improve your golf posture.

The golf swing requires a higher level of both strength and flexibility. If a golfer is below average in both those areas, he/she will not ever reach their true potential! Exercise for golf is the ticket to better posture and a better game!

Strengthen Your Posture Muscles

The key muscle group to strengthen for better golf posture are you spinal erector muscles, which are the little finger-like muscles on either side of your spine. These muscles control your body's ability to maintain an erect upper back for optimum posture and ease of both backswing and follow through.

The picture you see in this article is one of many easy exercises that targets this area. This is a very simple exercise you can do right in your home with an exercise ball. Very effective in both strengthening the posture muscles and your lower back muscles. In my golf training manual, there are many easy exercises like this one.

Better Posture - Better Swing

The main benefit for improving your golf posture is to make a bigger backswing with no tension. You see...if your posture is inadequate (rounded upper back), it will greatly inhibit your ability to make a turn. Haven't you ever felt like you couldn't make a full backswing, without feeling like you were going to strain a muscle? This is due to poor upper back poster.

Take a look at Tiger Woods or Adam Scott's posture. It is near perfect and they hit the ball a TON! Now you might say these are young guys...but doesn't matter your age. If you improve your posture, you will make a bigger turn with no tension, resulting in LONGER drives!

Simple Exercises In Your Home

Partaking in the right program is critical! Doing certain exercises may hurt your game! You must make sure the exercises you do are targeted for your golf swing and the physical demands of golf. That's why I developed my golf fitness book (manual). To provide you with step-by-step instruction, easy-to-follow exercises, stretches tips and complete golf exercise programs you can do right in your home with minimal equipment.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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