Come On...Golf Exercise DVD?

You've heard it all...right? Now there is an exercise dvd for golf? Yep! But erase that thought of exercise being "work" or straining! You can make it what you want and still see improvement in your game. Even 10 minutes a day will get you a better swing.

Exercise is a dreaded word that everybody knows they should be doing, but less than 1% of the population does it. Why? Misinformation! You don't have to kill yourself, or spend 2 hours in a gym exercising. In fact, you don't even need to go to a gym! Do your golf exercises at your home in 10 minutes!

Simple Exercise and Stretches

To get the most out of your dvd, you need to do a little stretching along with your exercises. Not too much, but just have a balance between one exercise and one stretch. So if you spend 10 minutes a day. Do 2-3 exercises and 2-3 stretches and you're done for the day! No pain. No sweat. Just fun, easy and simple.

The golf exercise equipment you need is a joke! How about exercise tubing, a ball and a pair of hand weights? That's it! For $50 you have your entire golf exercise home gym.

DVD Format

Here's a few things to remember before you go out and get your new exercise dvd for golf. First make sure it is with a trainer who is credible that you can do some research on. Type his or name in google and see what comes up. Secondly, make sure the dvd comes with a menu.

This is really impportant so you can pick and choose the exercises you want to do for that day and get out of there! That's where the "10 minutes a day" comes in. Thirdly, as mentioned above...the dvd must have both simple exercises AND stretches to improve your golf swing. One without the other is trouble!


A dvd has got to be motivating and fun. I have seen so many dvds where the person doing it puts you to sleep. Boring, boring, boring! Also...enough with the BS and lecturing! I have seen videos where the person is talking down to the viewer and sounds like a teacher lecturing a student. You would never do that dvd again!

Unfortunately you won't know how the golf exercise dvd is until you've spent your money. That's the bad part! I have purchased so many dvds that were disappointing the moment I turned them on... it felt like a total waste of money! I can assure you my golf exercise dvds are proven to help!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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