Golf Exercises You Can Do At Home For Your Golf Improvement

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One of the quickest ways for a golfer to improve his golf swing power and distance is with simple golf exercises at home. These exercises do not require a lot of effort or time, but are very effective in improving distance, consistency and overall performance!

I don't want you thinking sweat, effort and time. None of this needs to happen. Just doing a couple of targeted exercises for golf (like the one I am doing to the right, in my own home) can make a dramatic difference. If you "get the bug", then by all means...do more of them and your results will be even better!

The Right Exercises - The Right Program

I don't want to put a scare in you, but you have got to do exercises that will benefit your golf swing and game. Doing the wrong exercises will actually hurt your game not help it!

I'm talking about a simple, in-home golf exercise program with minimal equipment. Equipment like exercise tubing, balls and hand weights (dumbbells). That's it! Not expensive...and conserves space.

Focus On Your Power Golf Muscles

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Every golfer is looking for more power and distance, but are failing at achieving it. The main reason is a body that is not capable of making a full swing with no tension. A body that is so restricted that the golf swing feels hard...never easy. A body thats' muscles are so weak...injury creeps in on a daily basis.

To save you time...you need to get right at the "money muscles" with power golf exercises. The muscles that are going to give you, your "biggest bang for your buck!" These muscles are your core muscles.

The muscles of your abdominals. These muscles produce a tremendous amount of force and energy into impact. Get them stronger and more flexible than they are now...and you will be amazed at your transformation! Look at this exercise! I am on the course in my golf clothes! No gym needed here!

Simple Golf Exercises In Your Home

Improving your golf swing power with golf exercises at home is the ticket and that is why I produced my Golf Exercise DVDs to improve your golf specific strength and flexibility right in your home with minimal equipment.

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Golf Workout DVDs

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Professional

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