Golf Strengthening Exercises For More Distance

Golf specific strengthening exercises can have a dramatic impact on your game...especially if you are senior golfer exercising!

I have seen golfers that were ready to give up the game do just a few strengthening exercises and their golf performance went through the roof! These are guys that couldn't get the ball off the tee more than 175 yards, now hitting it 225 yards and beyond!

Simple Exercises

Don't get visions of hard exercises in the gym. This is not the type of exercises you need to do to play better golf. In fact, the exercises I'm talking about are done in your home with minimal equipment. Simple enough to do them in 10 minutes or less!

If you've got back problems, easy back exercises for golf can be done that will elminate this problem forever! I'm talking about "no sweating or grunting" exercises. These can be done by anybody, but don't discount there effectiveness. They work for golfers of all ages and abilities!

Strengthening Specific To Golf

The muscles you should be strengthening to help your golf game are the hamstrings, abs (core), and upper back for starters. These muscles will help you maintain a proper golf posture position for 18 holes...and improve your power through impact.

To be quite honest...all the major muscles can benefit from being strengthened. The golf swing incorporates all the muscles in a sequential motion...making it important to work them all.

Golf Exercise Program

Putting together a simple exercise program for golf is not daunting. You can do it! If you can give me 15 minutes of your time each day, you can benefit from strengthening exercises for golf.  

Do it right in your home! It is shocking to find out how easy it is to get started! Golfers need to just make the decision to do it, and the rest is easy. Get an exercise ball, tubing and a pair of hand weights and you're ready to rock!

Don't let your body be the reason you can't play great golf! Strengthening your muscles specific to golf will greatly help!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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