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Exercise doesn't need to be boring, tedious or exhausting. In fact, exercises for golf don't even necessarily produce sweating.

What golf exercises do produce, is an improved swing and a lower score.

Golf Exercise

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Golf exercise book
A golf exercise book should incorporate strength, stretching, nutrition, tips, and programs to be effective. With the right exercise for golf book, your performance will catapult above your buddies.

Golf exercise in your office
Golf exercise is not necessarily done in a gym. Getting creative with what you have can make all the difference and have a very positive impact on your game.

Golf warmup exercises
Warming up before a round may sound foreign to you, but is critical to preparing your body to perform. Just like any athlete in other sports, they do an active warm up to get ready to perform...so should you.

Exercise for a golfer?
Exercise for a golfer is a critical component of any golf performance program. To ignore the physical side of golf is a big mistake.

Golf exercise and fitness
The era of golf exercise and fitness, as well as golf-specific conditioning programs were ushered in by golfers like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorendstam for the women.

Long drive golf exercises
These specific exercises will increase your golf swing clubhead speed...which can add up to 30 yards to every tee shot very quickly.

Core exercise for golf
Core exercise for golf. You’ve probably heard this phrase mentioned on the television a time or to. This is the area that Vijay works on the most with his golf trainer and it seems to be working for him. He’s driving it longer and straighter and winning tournaments.

Medicine ball exercise training for golf
Using a medicine ball exercise training for golf is as golf specific as you can get, to add maximum power to your golf drives. Medicine balls date back hundreds of years and recently have come back as one of the main golf training tools for improved golf performance.

Core golf workout
There is a lot of confusion with golfers on what to focus on when trying to improve power in the golf swing. Your power comes from your core. Just like in any other sport, your core is the engine to the swing.


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