Simple Tubing Exercises For Golf In Your Home - Video Tip

I have been showing golfers for 11 years simple tubing exercises for golf that can be done in the comfort of your home in just minutes; and the profound impact it will have on your golf swing power, distance and injury prevention. Golf exercises don't have to be grueling or in a gym. They don't have to take hours out of your day. Simple exercises like the one in this video can be done quickly and easily.

Golf Swing Specific Resistance Training Using Tubing

If you're looking for a "plug-n-play" golf exercise program, you'll want to check out Mike Pedersen's Power Golf Exercise System by clicking on the image below.

Power Golf Exercise System

Simple Exercises Done Right In Your Home

If I can get you to finally realize it's your body keeping you from a better game, maybe, just maybe, you'll make the choice right now to do something about it. All the PGA Players are doing. Why wouldn't you model the best?

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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I'm now offering my membership for free to give back after 10 years of golfers paying $97 a year.

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Mike Pedersen is the creator of the "Power Golf Training Online Membership - What Every Golfer Should Know About How To Hit Longer Drives And Play Pain-Free Golf", and has taught thousands of golfers how to add up to 40 yards to their drives.

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