Golf Bunker Instruction DVD

Written By Mike Pedersen

Do you struggle getting out of the bunker? Wouldn't it be nice to have a reliable source to help you with this? This golf bunker instruction dvd is the only dvd that covers just bunker play.

Short, Medium And Long Bunker Shots

You're going to learn how to hit every bunker shot you'll encounter on the course! You'll no longer stress out when you get in a bunker. You'll know exactly how to hit the shot with accurracy and precision every time! You're going to save a ton of strokes EVERY round!

Golf Bunker Instruction DVD

Here's just a little bit of the information in this jam-packed DVD:

How to pick the right club—and how to make sure it’s right for the sand you’re playing on. Sand conditions vary from one place to another. The club you might use in Florida would get you nowhere in Arizona.

The one club you should avoid at all costs. Unless you’re a top-money touring pro or extremely talented, you’re better off leaving this one in the bag. I’ll tell you which one it is.

How to “read” the sand – without breaking the rules. Now, the Lords of Golf
might come after me on this one, but I’ll show you a way you can discover
what kind of sand you’ll be hitting on without picking up a penalty by touching it with your club or your pinkie. And it’s perfectly legal.

Why burying your feet in the sand can get you into deep trouble. Some golfers think they have to dig into the sand to get a solid stance. But it only puts them at a tremendous disadvantage. I’ll explain why in the video.

The two articles of clothing you should never go into a bunker without.
Without these two, you may never line up your shot correctly. And you could risk major embarrassment if you leave off one of them.

The two most common mistakes most average golfers make in a bunker and how to avoid them. Make them and you’ll add points to your score and ruin the rest of your day. I’ll show you how to steer clear of them.

How to hit three different distances with the same swing. Here’s a hint:
It’s as plain as the face of your club. And it has nothing to do with changing

How my technique makes it impossible to skull the ball. Once you get
this down, you’ll never send one blading over the green again. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it.

How to hit a buried lie, a hard pan lie or a ball buried in wet sand.
They require a very different way of hitting. I’ll show you how to turn that club of yours into a tool to handle these three challenges.


The crucial difference in the fairway bunker. Hitting out of here doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting everything I’ve taught you about the greenside bunker. It just means reversing one thing and changing another. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all in the video.

How mastering the sand shot gives you a strategic advantage. Of course, you won’t want to hit every shot into a bunker. But the DVD will not only show you how to get out of the sand but when it might be to your advantage to hit into it. It’s a strategy the big-money touring pros use. And soon you’ll be able to use it too.





Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach


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