How has your golf game been lately? Have you been missing a few fairways or has that hole suddenly seem to have shrunk in size? How about some golf instruction? Perhaps you could do with a bit of sun along with your golf, in which case why not try some Florida golf instruction.

Florida Golf Schools Combine great Instruction with great Weather

If you attend a golf school in Florida you are sure to get great weather, whatever time of year you go, and your golf instruction is going to be top class. Florida has some of the best golf schools in the country that can give you top class professional help whatever your problem is.

We aren’t all perfect, and even top professionals like Tiger Woods have their off days and slice the ball now again. The advantages tour players like Tiger have over the rest of us is that they can come off course and get some help from their golf coach, or perhaps even something to improve their flexibility from their professional trainer. We have to pay for this, and you want to be sure that you get the best you can for your money.

Video Technology will catch your Faults

The Arnold Palmer Golf Academy or Nick Faldo Golf Institute can give you that, and so can dozens of other golf schools in Florida. If you think that your swing is at fault, or, more importantly, if your golf school thinks that your swing might be at fault, then they will catch it on video then have a look at it in slow motion. They can carry out a biometric swing analysis and check out all the movements of every joint and muscle during your swing.

Any faults can be spotted and they can work with you to iron them out. If your problem does not lie in your swing it could be in your stance or your grip, but whatever it is, they will find it and help you to put it right.

Perhaps you don’t have any specific problem and just need some golf instruction to sharpen up your game. If you seem to be going round in a shot or more that you are used to, then perhaps you need a few tips to iron one or two things out. Maybe you don’t know what your problem is, but think that some professional coaching could get your score back to where it should be.

Push your Game to a Higher Level

On the other hand, perhaps you want to get your handicap down, and want to take that step forward necessary to push your game to a higher level. Every good golfer has to take these steps to improve beyond average, and Florida is a great place to do this. Why not take the wife and kids and watch their faces as you head of to the golf school while they are getting ready for a visit to Disney World.

You get what you need and they get what they want. Everybody is happy. Why not get your game sorted out and have your annual vacation at the same time? Whatever you decide, there is no doubt that Florida golf instruction is top class, and if you can fit a little bit of fun in as well, then why not?

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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