Simple Golf Swing Instruction

Written By Mike Pedersen

You desperately want to improve your game, and golf instruction via lessons is the way you want to go right? If you've taken this path, has it helped? I ask this because I hear the story all the time from golfers.

They take a series of golf instruction lessons and don't improve. Ugh! How crappy is that? Very frutrating! I know for myself, I've taken lessons before and didn't improve.

Simple Instruction For Golfers

This isn't a bashing on golf instruction or golf teachers. This is about simplifying your golf game. Making it so easy to repeat your swing, you'll laugh when you finally get it. The golf swng is very, very similar to swinging a baseball bat, but it's at a different angle (the ball is on the ground).

I know what you're thinking already!

The ball is not moving, and baseball is a reactionary sport. No time to think, just hit it right? And for that...I agree with you! When a ball is coming at you at 70-100mph, you better do something quick!

Golf Swing Technique

The golf swing...like the baseball swing mentioned above, should be a "no thought" movement once you've got the basics down. Doesn't that sound like a dream? To step up to the ball and know you'll hit it relatively straight most of the time?

That's the kind of instruction you need! Simplifying not complicating your golf swing. No more 62 point checklists in your brain! Maybe one simple que you have developed that keeps you in the zone! That's it!

A simple golf swing is actually very easy to attain. We have made golf way too hard! The more we read and watch, the more confusing we get. Don't you agree?

Instruction For Amateurs

As amateur golfers, we are never going to practice every day. We are never going to play more than once or twice a week (unless you are lucky enough to be retired). Golf instruction for players like us should never be complicated or involved. We don't have the time to groove it like the pros do.

Just one simple tip from an instruction lesson, specific to your swing fault is all it takes! Just one! Haven't you experienced that before right on the course? You think of one thing, and all of a sudden you're shooting lights out. That's the kind of instruction for golf I'm talking about.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach


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