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Online Golf Instruction

Written By Mike Pedersen

Everybody's online. Now you can receive golf instruction via the Internet! The day has come! We can improve our golf swing right of our computer. Would you have ever thought you would get golf instruction online?

With more and more business people becoming savvy to the net, you are seeing more service type businesses coming online. Golf is no different!

Online Golf Is No Exception

Golf instructors are realizing the power AND benefit of helping golfers via the net. They can do more of it because of convenience; and they can peronsalize it as much as they want! The better the service, the more personalization you get!

The more you provide the instructor, the more detailed your golf prescription will be. There are online services that review a video of your golf swing; correct it right on the computer, and upload it so you can see it and implement drills to fix it!

Instruction Via Your Computer

One huge benefit of online instruction for golf is the ability of the golf instructor to show the golf student what needs to be done immediately based on the online golf swing that's being viewed.

Immediate corrections can be made right on the screen, showing you what you are doing wrong, and how to fix it. This approach may not be for some people, but for many, it's a viable option, and one that is not too expensive (yet).

Golf Improvement With Convenience

Just think. You don't even have to leave your computer to improve your golf swing! Well...you do after you have found out what to work on! But what a great way to play better golf, that's convenient to you.via online golf instruction right off your computer..

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach


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