Golf Strength Training Routine

A golf strength training routine is the key to more power in your golf swing. Working on strength training specific to your golf swing will help not hurt it.

Golf Strength Training Specific To Your Swing

Take a look at the picture to the right. Notice how I am making a golf backswing with a single dumbbell. This would be considered a golf specific strength training exercise for my golf swing. No harm done. I am using a weight that I can comfortably do for 15 repetitions. This will not hurt my golf swing at all.

There are dozens of golf strength training exercises that can be done with dumbbells like the picture shows. You can literally break the golf swing into many phases and do the same thing as shown. Adding resistance to different phases of your golf swing will add power and distance.

Golf Exercise Tubing Training

Take a look at this picture. I have golf exercise tubing attached to the middle height of a door and am making golf swings through impact with the resistance from the exercise tubing.

This tubing is an excellent training tool for strengthening every aspect of your golf swing. You can do variations until the Christmas, and still have more you can do. If you don't have this golf exercise tubing, you need to go out and get some right away!

Weighted Golf Medicine Ball

How about this picture? I am swinging a weighted golf medicine ball. This is 100% a golf strength training exercise for your golf swing. You cannot get any more specific than this.

Swinging a weighted golf medicine ball or anything that weighs a few pounds will strength your core for a more powerful swing and higher clubhead speed.

Golf Strength Training Routine For Home Use

The above mentioned golf fitness products are both inexpensive and portable. They can be used in less than 100 square feet of space. This strength training for golf routine is truly an in home program.

One main reason golfers don't do golf strength training routines is inconvenience of having to go to a gym to do the program. Not with the above approach. We have removed all reaons for not doing this routine.

The equipment we are talking about will cost you less than a $100 "one time". No recurring fees or expenses. Go down, get it and get started.

No more putting it off

I hope I have shed some light on how easy it is to implement a strength training routine for golf. Now you just need to do it! Act now and don't look back!

In less than 30 days you will be the one all your golfing buddies turn to for golf strength training outine advice.

Golf Fitness DVDs

With the glut of information out there, it's easy to get confused as you embark on your new golf fitness program. That is why I produced my golf fitness DVDs. I take you through the entire session, as if I'm your private golf trainer in your home.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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