Weight Training For Golfers

You don't need to fear it! Embrace it and realize you will not only play your best golf...you will feel better than you have in years! I receive dozens of emails everyday from golfers who were skeptical, but gave it a shot and their results are amazing!

More Energy and Better Health on and off the Course!

Worst case scenario for some of them is better health. The time you spend working on your golf swing technique is critical to your success. Some of these golfers embarked on one of my weight training for golfers programs and didn't put any time on the range.

The result for just a small percent of them was more energy, less aches and pains, and a dramatic drop in bodyweight. Needless to say they were still more than thrilled they did it.

Crank Out Up To 30 Yards On Your Drives

But for the majority of these golfers I hear from have results that have evened amazed me. Increases of up to 50 yards on their drives! Slashing their handicaps by up to 8 strokes! And even winning their Club Championships!

These are very exciting emails to receive and it is proof that weight training for golfers DOES work! I can say with every fiber in my body, that if you improve your body's ability to move from both a strength and flexibility standpoint, it is virtually impossible to not see improvement in your golf swing and game.

Don't you think if you could make just a little bigger backswing you would hit it further? Or, if your lower back muscles were a tad bit stronger, you wouldn't walk off the course with an aching back? I know you?ll agree with me.

What Weight Training for Golf is Not?

Weight training for golfers is not going into a gym and plopping down on a machine. This does nothing for your golf game! Golf is played "on your feet", and in a very dynamic position (golf posture), that requires a unique set of muscular strength, endurance and flexibility (golf stretching).

The Right Strength Training Program for Golf

The right program is one that involves balance and coordination exercises, along with sequence of motion movements with resistance. This resistance can be as simple as exercise tubing, hand weights, or even weighted medicine balls.

Just take a look at the demands the golf swing puts on your body and you'll soon realize your weight training for golfers program needs to be dynamic. One that incorporates movements similar to your golf swing in both body positions and movement patterns.

I hope the information in this article has shed a little light on the importance of weight training for golfers. There are hundreds of golf exercises, tips and techniques that we outline in the members section of the site.

Golf Weight Training Manual

With the glut of information out there, it's easy to get confused as you embark on your new golf fitness program. That is why I produced my golf weight training manual. With over 370 of simple exercises, stretches, programs, and even golf tips and lessons as a bonus in the back.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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Mike Pedersen is the creator of the "Power Golf Training Online Membership - What Every Golfer Should Know About How To Hit Longer Drives And Play Pain-Free Golf", and has taught thousands of golfers how to add up to 40 yards to their drives.

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