Flexibility Exercise For Golf Is The Secret

Do you want a FULL swing like Tom Watson? 7 minutes a day will do it, click here!

Tom Watson is known for a FULL backswing...even at his current age on the senior tour. As he has gotten older, Tom has implemented a flexibility program specific to golf to maintain it. He now preaches exercise and it's critical role in playing better golf. With so many older golfers losing massive range of motion and distance...the should be listening more clearly.

Improve Flexibility Quickly

What if I were to tell you it would only take 7 minutes a day with simple (not hard), flexibility exercises to get back that range of motion you had years ago? I'm not pulling your leg either! I have come up with simple golf stretches that can do this very effectively.

It doesn't take weeks and weeks to see results! In fact...results can happen as quick as you start! Keep putting it off and of course you'll see no improvement. But taking action and starting now will turn you into a golfing machine!

Flexibility Exercise Specific To Your Golf Swing

The golf swing requires a higher level of flexibility. It only makes sense to implement golf swing flexibility exercises to get the most power out of it. Rotating your upper shoulders to 90 degrees, while keeping your hips to half of that requires a tremendous amount of dynamic strength and flexibility. Without it...you're "dead in the water!"

One Stretch Away From Pure Power

Once you are convinced flexibility is your issue, you are halfway home! I have seen firsthand golfers who experienced a golf swing transformation after implementing exercises that improve their golf specific flexibility.

I know because I tested them before they started on phases of their golfswing like backswing and follow through, as well as posture set up and restrictions. The results in a very short time were amazing!

You cannot ignore importance of flexibility and good golf and I can assure you my golf stretching dvd will get you nailing the ball down the fairway...and never feeling back pain again!

Flexibility For Golf Is Easy

Don't think this takes work. It doesn't! I'm telling you, you'll be amazed once you get started! I just hate seeing golfers not satisfied with their games, but not doing the right things to change it. I guess it's the Mike Pedersen..."save the world" mentality I have. I may not save the world, but I hope you strongly consider a flexibility program for golf.

Total Golf Stretching Downloadable Program

There is no denying the extreme importance of flexibility program for golf, and I can assure you my just-released Total Golf Stretching Ebook will quickly and effectively get you smashing the ball down the fairway, and not feeling that back ache afterwards!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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