Golf Stretching, Exercises And Consistency Will Elevate Your Game To A New Level

Golf stretching, exercises and training programs are mainstream. This is the ticket to enhancing performance and reaching higher levels of play.

Golf Stretching Needs To Be Specific To Your Golf Swing

I want you to think of golf stretching exercises to be very much like your golf swing. Your body is put into certain dynamic positions throughout the golf swing, and yet if you're not limber enough, you'll never be able to successfully achieve these critical positions.

Target Key Golf Muscles

Stretching key muscles will greatly enhance your ability to not only achieve improved golf swing mechanics, but repeat them for 18 holes, greatly improving your consistency.

All you've got to do is stand up, get in your golf posture, and see what muscles are tight. I'll bet they are your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. These are the key muscles just for the address position. We haven't even started the swing yet.

Now make an imaginary swing to the top. What muscles do you feel now? Your lead side upper back muscle. Your lead side read shoulder muscles. Probably your right lower back area. These are just a few areas.

Golf Exercise To Support Golf Swing

Golf exercises are the missing link to strengthening your golf swing muscles, enabling you to have a stable and consistent swing. So many times I see golfers (especially later in their years) who have very weak golf muscles and cannot generate any power in their golf swing.

This is a strenth issue. I will never discount golf stretching, and am a huge advocate of it, as mentioned above, but stretching without strengthening is a lost cause.

As mentioned above, targeting key muscles that are put under stress during the golf swing is the most effective way to implement golf exercises into your routine.

Consistency Creates Results

Like in anything we do in life...the more consistent we are, the better the results. So many people go "on and off" programs, goals and ambitions. They get a motivation streak, then it fizzles out and they are back where they started.

If you want to play better golf for the long term, you need to come up with a plan and execute it consistently. This is the only way you will be successful on the course.

There is no magic bullet. The people who are successful in life are persistent, committed and goal-oriented. If you take this approach to your golf improvement, the sky is the limit.

Golf Stretching DVD

My new golf stretching dvd can be done in 10 minute segments each day and will give you back the flexibility you may have lost these past few years. You'll soon be hitting it farther and MUCH straigther!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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