Golf Stretching Program Guidelines

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A golf stretching program will be impacting to your game, but there are a few guidelines to follow.

Stretching Guidelines

Dynamic Or Static Stretching

There are two basic techniques for stretching. There is dynamic (which is movement oriented) and there is static (hold) stretching. They both have a place in sports improvement, but dynamic stretching gets the edge for improving your golf swing and game.

The main difference between the two forms of stretching is really the "hold time". Static stretching like yoga incolves longer hold times of up to a minute per stretch. Dynamic is basically moving from one stretch to another with minimal hold time. This is very similar to the free-flowing golf swing. There is nothing static about a golf swing.

Stretches Specific To Golf Swing

The only way you could even call it a stretching program for golf is to make it as specific to your golf swing and flexibility weaknesses as you can. When you take this approach, your golf swing will benefit the most.

Take a look at all the phases of a single golf swing and there is a dynamic stretch you can do to improve it. For example, halfway back; top of the backswing; halfway down: halfway through; and to a FULL finish. Look at all those stretches right there!

Stretching Not Straining

An important thing to remember is stretching within your limits. If you feel a hint of pain...stop! Stretching should never hurt! It may be uncomfortable, but should never cause pain.

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To improve your current range of motion, you need to go slightly beyond your current range, but that's it! No further, or you will get injured. When stretching for golf, you need to really pay attention to how your muscles are feeling.

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Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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