Is Golf Swing Plane That Important?

Golfer Swing Plane

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I don't want to make this article too technical, but want to simply go over the role of your golf swing plane and your overall performance. There have been some instruction tools out there on the net and on the television discussing swing plane, but leaving golfers shaking their heads. I feel the same way..."another thing for me to think about in my golf swing...great!"

Natural Golf Swing

Your golf swing should be as natural as possible and yet they say the golf swing is one of the most unnatural movements in sports. Why? My guess would be the position your are in to make a swing, and the fact you are hitting a small, stationary ball with an implement (golf club) that is moving at upwards of 100 mph.

Your body angles in your golf posture somewhat dictate your swing plane. The more comfortable and natural you feel in your setup, the better the chance for a proper golf swing plane

Hogans Pane Of Glass Swing Plane

If you've ever read Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf you'll see a sketch picture of Ben swinging with an angled pane of glass going from his target line up through his shoulders. He felt that if you could keep the clubhead on the pane of glass throughout the swing, you would make good contact every time.

Interesting theory with Hogan, but I don't think any of us amateurs should get too deep in thought with our golf swings. Your swing plane is not a manipulated move. If you force it, it will be unnatural and cause many other swing faults.

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Flat Or Upright Swing?

Take a look around you next time you play. Do you ever see to players with similar looking swing? I never do! Tall golfers, short golfers, thin golfers and overweight golfers have their own style for what their body will let them do.

For the most part, at tall player will have a more upright swing plane and a shorter player will have a flatter, more rounder plane. This is where the analysis should stop! A shorter player should never try to get an upright swing, nor should a taller player get a more rounded swing.

There are exceptions! Tiger Woods has worked with Hank Haney on a more rounded, flatter swing, because he and Hank felt it would be more consistent. Well...I think it's working. But do we have 8 hours a day to hit balls and have one of the best teachers in the world watching us? Nope! Then making a dramatic change from our natural swing plane might be a risky move.

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Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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