Golf Swing Timing: The Forgotten Skill

Tiger Woods Swinging

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An aspect of golf that most amateurs fail to recognise is golf swing timing. Have you never wondered how the top players seem to be able put their ball generally where they want it throughout a full 18 holes?

Golf swing timing! That’s what does it. It doesn’t just happen – it has to be worked on. Have you ever noticed athletes, especially jumpers, practice their timing over and over again, until they have it perfect? In fact, most sportsmen at the highest level have training schedules that cover every aspect of their game or discipline, so that their bodies are totally conditioned to meet any demands their sport asks of them.

Why Is Golf Swing Timing Ignored?

So why do most golfers ignore their golf swing timing? Perhaps they feel it does not need any work. On the other hand, perhaps they don’t even know what golf swing timing is. Good golfers concentrate on every shot, making sure their timing is perfect. That their swing brings the clubhead and the ball together at exactly the right moment, with the clubface in exactly the right position.

Golf swing timing involves the brain passing a message to the body, and the body reacting to that message and executing it as the brain intended. This does not just happen. It takes conditioning of the muscles to react as and when instructed.

I suppose you expect your body to react without needing any training? It doesn’t just happen you know, and that’s why amateurs will never be as good as most pros. Why they will struggle with their timing.

A Changing Game

Golf has changed, and aspects of the game such as golf swing timing are being given more attention. It is no longer a leisure game, a walk in the park. It’s a serious sport, and its players are now taking it seriously. They are becoming better trained, fitter, more understanding of what is involved in golf-specific training as opposed to just normal fitness and strength training.

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Too many amateurs are trying to emulate the better players with doing the work, and as a result end up getting frustrated and suffering from a variety of minor injuries due to their bodies not being up the demands of the modern game.

Timing in your golf swing is an important factor in improving your power, consistency, and overall game. To achieve this...won't happen overnight, but if you can simplify your golf swing, you'll give yourself the best chance at making it happen!

Work On Your Golf Swing Consistently

This may sound like a "no-brainer", but isolate your personal swing faults and pound them until they become a strength. The ONLY way is to isolate those weaknesses and work them, and work them some more! Be diligent and your timing will be better than ever!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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