Fix Your Over The Top Golf Swing

Swinging over the top in your golf swing can cause a whole host of faults. Many cannot be fixed until you address this fatal downswing move in your golf golf swing. It is sometimes impossible for amateur golfers to fix this. It is a major change in your swing from a physical feel standpoint.

Swing Faults And Causes

Pull Slice

A pull slice for a right-handed golfer usually starts left, then turns dramatically to the right, due to an open clubface that is cuting across the ball at impact.

Once you hit a shot like this, it is so common to start aiming more left to compensate for this ball flight only to create more sidespin and an even bigger slice. This almost seems like a disease once this swing sneaks into your bag.

Pull (Smother) Hook

A pull hook again, goes left, but instead of going right like the pull slice, this one starts left and goes even more left with a hook ball flight. This is caused by a closed clubface at impact. The compensaton will be to hold on at impact, not releasing the club now causing a block right, or slice.

Pull (Smother) Hook

A pull goes left on a straight line, and keeps going on that line the entire way. This ball flight is hit with a square clubface, but again, an over the top golf swing. Making sure your alignment is parallel to your target line may fix this immediately. At least with this ball flight, you know where the ball will land.

Golf Swing Solutions

Swinging from over the top is a downswing move with the upper body getting way ahead of the lower body. The initial move in the downswing is the shoulders, where it should be weight shift in the lower body, with a slight dropping of the club, then starting to rotate after that.

Simple Golf Swing Instuction

Taking a golf lesson with video would be another great way to see exactly what you are doing wrong, then trying to correct it on video. A little trial and error and you'll soon get a feel for what you need to do to fix this problem.

Golf Swing DVDs

If you are an impulse kind of guy, then you may want to take a look at the Perfect Connection Golf Swing. This is one of the simplist ways to swing a golf club you'll ever find. Click on the image below to learn more.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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