Optimal Golf Swing Sequence For Power

One of the best ball strikers of all time was Ben Hogan. Below is a picture of his golf swing sequence. It will give you a great visualization of what you need to do to create a powerful and consistent golf swing.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Sequence

One thing I want you to notice is how still his right leg is going back, and intially coming down. Also, his weight shift just happens without effort from this turing into his right leg. Another important thing he does is the dropping of his arms on plane coming down, while he keeps his shoulders back as long as possible, before he aggressively rotates them through the ball. No over the top swing here!

At impact his head is still behind the ball even though 90% of his weight is now on his right leg. His hips have rotated, and now are facing the target, while his shoulders are back to square.

There are three phases of golf swing sequence that instruction may help. To make it simple, you've gotthe take-away (backswing), coming back down (downswing),and impact (into the follow through).

The first phase of your swing sequence is the backswing, which is critical to your golf swing success! If you don't initially take the club away, it will set in motion an improper sequence, virtually killing your golf swing from the start! Everything after that point doesn't even matter now. Your swing is dead!

The proper golf downswing sequence actually starts with the legs and hips rather than the arms, which does the actual swinging of the golf club. There should be a clear transfer of body weight from back to front with the knees, thighs and hips all starting to move forward. This is the correct instruction for the downswing segment of the golf swing sequence.

Finally at impact the body weight should be on the outside of the forward heel and the inside of the rear foot. This is the only correct golf instruction for this swing sequence.

Seeking out the right instruction to improve your swing sequence is critical. Getting the wrong information is as bad if not worse as keeping your current swing. You've got to choose your instructor wisely.

Don't forget your fitness.

You can't ignore your physical limitations. They ultimately control your destiny. A broken body will NEVER achieve a proper swing sequence, let alone optimal technique. The golf swing is not natural. Your body fights it constantly. This makes it very hard to get it right. The swing seems so simple, and yet is so hard to achieve.

Golf exercises specific to your swing are a very effective way of getting the body to adjust so that it will be a lot easier to master the golf instruction swing sequence.

Improving your fitness specific to golf is one component to improving yoru golf swing sequence, and that is why I produced my Golf Fitness DVDs to improve your golf specific strength and flexibility right in your home with minimal equipment.

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Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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