Golf Tips To Cure The Golf Slice

Written By Mike Pedersen

The search for a cure for your golf slice can be one of the most frustrating things you can do as a golfer. I have been there, and I hated it! When I first started golfing, I use to hit a big banana ball, and tried every thing to cure it. This is such a dilemma there are golf books now out just on the curing a golf slice.

What amazes me...is how easy it is to cure your slice! I don't want you to think I'm blowing smoke up your behind, but it really is an easy fix. You just need the right cues and tips, and your slice will be gone forever!

Slice Instruction Ebook

With the glut of instruction books, tapes and teachers out there, it is no wonder golfers are getting info overload. I am a firm believer in simplifying your golf swing. The simplist way is to get a book or information that is specifically targeted for your swing fault (like a slice).

Cure Your Slice Easily

As I mentioned above...it will embarrass you how easy it is to cure your golf slice, but it will only be easy with the right guidance. There are several issues that are causing your slice. Could be something as simple as your grip, stance, initial take-away, or any number of easily correctible issues.

Something as simple as strengthening your left hand on your golf grip will help close the clubface coming into impact. Your slice is gone. Or maybe your lined up aiming way left, encouraging an "over the top" downswing. Aim parallel to target and you will swing down the line hitting a straight shot. Your takeaway is most likely out and away from your body. Try bringing it more to the inside and you'll soon find your over the top downswing is gone!

With the right tip, you'll be amazed at how quickly you cure golf slice habits! The issue is the "right tip".

Fixing A Golf Slice

When you finally diagnose the root cause of your slice, you'll find fixing a golf slice is easier than ever! You will soon find another 20 yards or more on your drives as the ball will hit and roll instead of a weak shot to the right that hits and stops.

Better Golf Swing

The bottom line is a more consistent swing, that stays "in the fairway", and that goes a longer distance than before. For any slicer of the golf ball, this is magic to their ears. To be able to step up to the tee and know you are going to hit a straight or slight draw is awesome, and you'll be doing it!


Mike Pedersen
Golf Swing Trainer


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