How To Cure That Golf Slicing Problem

Gold slicing is a problem to everybody, Tiger Woods included. Tiger finds the trees as often as any other tour professional, but his advantage is that he knows what to do to stop it happening next time. Having a personal coach with you also helps a little of course!

In order to understand the cure for a golf slice, you have to understand the mechanics of your golf swing and of the golf ball after you strike it. Do you know why you have just driven 30 yards off course onto fairway ten when you are driving down fairway eight? In other words, do you know what causes a slice?

What Happens When You Slice a Ball?

When you hit a ball straight down the fairway, the backspin on the ball, and the dimpled surface, cause it to curve up into the air and travel farther than without them, due to the aerodynamics of a rough ball. The ball is spinning backwards after the drive, and this causes it to rise.

In exactly the same way, if you spin the ball from left to right, or clockwise, it will curve round right. This is cause by a combination of different pressures and different drag through the air between the two sides rotating in different directions. One side is rotating in the direction of travel and the other rotating against it.

For an average golf ball and an average drive of 200 yards, the ball will slice out about seven to eight yards for every degree that the club face is off true when it strikes the ball. So if the club face is four degrees out, the ball will land about twenty eight to thirty two yards left of target. You won’t be hitting many greens or fairways with that kind of inaccuracy. You must therefore get that swing cured.

Make Your Improvement on the Practice Range

A golf slice is very common, and everybody slices the ball; some do it more than others. If you can keep the club head square to the ball on strike, and drive in a straight line to the target, then the ball will travel straight on a windless day. If you turn your grip a bit more anti-clockwise, you should also turn your club head round more when it strikes the ball. If you keep practicing until you are hitting straight, you will avoid slicing as long as you retain your new grip. You are best to do this on the range since you don’t want to be practicing during a round.

If that doesn’t work you will need to have a close look at your drive. Have a word with the club pro and you will probably get some help to spot where you are going wrong. Sometimes that’s all it takes, and a simple suggestion can resolve it. With others, however, the golf slicing problem is not so easy to cure and further professional help is required.

Fix Your Golf Slicing

If you're looking for a simple method to curing your golf slice, you'll want to take a look at this slice ebook. Simple tips, tricks and techniques will cure your slice quickly.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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