Golf Tips For Balance To Improve Your Golf Swing Consistency

Absorbing as many golf tips to improve your balance will greatly improve your golf swing consitency and efficiency. Maintaining a stable base throughout your golf swing is the main point of this article. Doing so will help you avoid those BIG mishits that cost you several strokes.

A) Improper Address Position

An efficient golf address is critical to assisting you with consistent balance during your golf swing. Your address can be viewed as one of the top issues to address if you want to hit good golf shots. If your address position is consistent, you can have some minor flaws in your swing and still hit a reasonably good golf shot. This is due to better balance and stability in your golf swing from a better set up position.

B) Swinging to "kill it!"

This is what 95% of all amateur golfers do! Try to hit the LONG ball by swing out of their shoes. Has it worked for you? I'll take a wild guess and say not. Am I correct? If so, it's not how hard you swing that creates distance. It's solidl ball/clubface contact WITH a higher clubhead speed. So essentially...better control is what I'm trying to say! How about swinging easy to hit the ball more solid? That's your first step to hitting LONGER drives.

C) Out-of-shape golf swing muscles

Your current physical shape has a huge impact on your ability to maintain balance, stability and body control during your swing. An improved golf specific strength and flexibility will give your golfing muscles a much better chance at maintaining balance and hitting more solid golf shots.

Maintaing a dynamic golf posture takes a higher level of golf specific fitness, which most golfers don't have. Unless you address this, you may never achieve a consistent golf swing! I don't mean to try the scare tactics on you, but I am telling you the sure outcome of not working on the physical aspect of your golf game.

These golf tips for better balance should help you swing with more stability and consistency.

I hope the information in this article has shed a little light on the importance of fitness training for better golf balance and performance. There are hundreds of golf exercises, tips and techniques that we outline in the members section of the site.

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Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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