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You may not want to lose weight just for golf, but by doing this, your golf game will dramatically improve. Not only will you play better, you'll look better in all those new (much smaller) golf clothes you'll be wearing. You're big concern may be dealing with all your jealous and envious playing partners.

Lose Weight - Play Better Golf

It's no secret that if you're thinner, you'll play better. How many overweight tour players do you see? Not too many, but there are a few who really play well. I'm not talking about you needing to be a fanatic and try to lose 60 pounds. Not even 30 or 40. Losing any amount of weight will allow your body to move more efficiently in your golf swing, producing more power, conistency and accuracy.

I am NOT talking about dieting! I am talking about minor changes in your current lifestyle that will help you shed weight fast and forever! Don't get scared by the "lifestyle" term either. This is a journey. One that will take just a little self control, but not much. Once you see results, you'll know it's worth it! Weight loss for golfers should be high on the priority list for a better game and more years of enjoyment!

Don't Struggle With Your Weight Anymore

Have you tried dieting before? I know this may be dumb question, but I have to ask it. I want to expose you to all the fad diets and scams and tell you NEVER to do them again! You'll here me say this over and over again! And this is MY PHRASE by the way. No one else has ever said this. "Diets don't work...if they did there would be ONE!" Does that make sense to you? There is a new weight loss (diet) book coming out every week.

Why? Because people know it's a mulit-billion dollar market. If they only get a little piece of the pie, they are still making a ton of money off of vulnerable, and very desperate people. Maybe even you (in the past). Well...no more! You're done with that! Follow what I have to say (it's common sense), and you'll be on your way to permanent weight loss and a much better game of golf!

Important Notice

I've just release my Lose Weight For Golf ebook! You're going to lose weight for good reading this simple, yet very effective and proven ebook! Don't waste another second on this site, or surfing the net! Go take a look right now!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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