Tiger Woods Golf Tips Can Help Any Golfer

If Tiger Woods were to give you a golf tip, would you be all ears? I think there are golfers who would pay a lot of money to get a tip from Tiger. He is a student of the game, so any tip he gives you know would be very valuable.

Just imagine if he ever became a golf instructor? What would he charge? I know Butch Harmon is $500 an hour. Would Tiger be $1,000? Maybe $2500? Who knows, but when Tiger talks golfers listen. He could really mess with your head if he wanted to. Knowing whatever he said, you'd probably try to do.

Get A Tip In A Pro-Am From Tiger

One way to get a tip for your golf swing from Tiger is being in his group for a pro-am. I think that price tag might be as high as $50,000 from what I heard. Don't quote me on it...but I think it was that high! Now is a golf tip worth that kind of money...even from Tiger Woods? I'm not sure I think so. If you're not willing to fork over 50K, then read his column in Golf Digest magazine. He is a featured editor with his own section if I'm not mistaken.

Hire Hank Haney To Get The Inside Scoop

If you want to get in the "back door" you'd hire Tigers swing coach Hank Haney. I don't know what he's fetching these days, but I'm sure his fees have gone through the roof since Tiger hired him several years back. Getting close to his personal swing coach may be a sly way of getting some great tips.

When Tiger first hired Hank, they had decided to "rebuild his golf swing". Can you believe it? Rebuild the golf swing of the Number One player in the world? Man...I don't know if I would have wanted to be Mr. Haney at that point. Just think if Tiger came out and really stunk after that? Hanks stock would have plummeted.

Watch Tiger Hit Balls At The Practice Range Of A Tournament

If you're a student of the game, you wouldn't hesitate to go to a local PGA tournament early and watch Tiger hit balls at the range before his round. In fact, you might even get lucky and be able to meet him if you get there early enough. How cool would that be? Get to personally shake the hand of quite possibly the best player in the history of the game. It's worth a shot!

But seriously...you can learn a lot from watching someone practice (hit balls). Take a little notepad with you and write down anything you see Tiger doing that you think could help your game. Why not learn from the best? I know, I've got to a PGA tournament or two and spend several hours at the range watching the tour players hit balls. Quite a learning experience to say the least!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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