Golf Training Equipment Is Inexpensive And Portable

You in home golf training equipment is cheap, portable and very effective.

If you have spent anytime on this site, you'll know I really hammer home the importance of golf training to play better golf. Now I want to discuss the minimal amount of equipment you need to accomplish a successful training program specific to golf...right in your own home!

What Pieces Of Equipment Are Needed

In a nutshell...all you'll ever need to see massive improvement in your power, consistency, accuracy and overall performance is a simple golf exercise ball, exercise tubing, and hand weights. That's it! Take a look at this picture. I took it very quickly, so it's not pretty!

If you're an avid exerciser, you can add a golf medicine ball for more advanced movements. But only the above is really all you'll ever need to kick butt and take names on the course!

Physical training for golf with this equipment will give you fast results and save you a ton of time! No more driving to a gym and wasting all that time! This is right in your home!

Training For Golf With The Right Program

Golfers have been looking for a golf training program that will NOT hurt their game! Most fitness trainers don't know golf! They have no concept of how your muscles specific function during a golf swing. This lack of knowledge will damage your game quickly!

You must first seek out a trainer who preferrably plays the game himself, or at least currently works with golfers on a regular basis. Once you achieve this (which won't be easy) you then need to discuss your personal golf and fitness goals and see if he/she can help you achieve them.

All of my golf training dvds, manual and even my online training membership is geared specfically for the golfer in mind. All with the above equipment for your in home program.

Improving your golf swing is critical and so is getting your body to move better, and that is why I produced my Total Golf Training Fitness System, to improve your golf swing the quickest and most effective way!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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I'm now offering my membership for free to give back after 10 years of golfers paying $97 a year.

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Free Online Power Golf Training Program

Mike Pedersen is the creator of the "Power Golf Training Online Membership - What Every Golfer Should Know About How To Hit Longer Drives And Play Pain-Free Golf", and has taught thousands of golfers how to add up to 40 yards to their drives.

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