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Exercise doesn't need to be boring, tedious or exhausting. In fact, exercises for golf don't even necessarily produce sweating.

What golf exercises do produce, is an improved swing and a lower score.

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Play better golf
Workouts for golf and training programs for golfers should be a big part of any golf improvement plan. Golfers who workout have an advantage in length off the tee; hitting out of bad lies like high rough; maintaining their swing for 18 holes.

Secrets of golf
I designed the first golf fitness system two years ago, and is now available on this site.

Golf practice
Golf practice can only help your game if your body can do what you ask of it on the range. Does that make sense? How often have you taken time out of your day to go to the range for golf practice only to leave more frustrated than when you did when you first got there?

Golf specific workout
A Golf specific workout routine designed specifically for your physical limitations will give you the greatest results in the quickest amount of time.



I'm now offering my membership for free to give back after 10 years of golfers paying $97 a year.

All the details here:

Free Online Power Golf Training Program

Mike Pedersen is the creator of the "Power Golf Training Online Membership - What Every Golfer Should Know About How To Hit Longer Drives And Play Pain-Free Golf", and has taught thousands of golfers how to add up to 40 yards to their drives.

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