Can A Training Grip For Golf Help

You may have seen these grips in your local golf store, but have you tried one before? It's amazing to put your hands around one and really feel the proper grip. For some golfers it's a huge wake up call. They put their hands around this golf training grip and it feels totally foreign to them. This is the golfer who will definitely benefit from using a training grip.

Training Clubs With Grips

There are many training clubs with this types of grips. This scenario is a "double-benefit" to the golfer. When you can get...lets say a weighted club with a training grip, you are not only strengthening your body from swing the club, you are working with a good grip at the same time.

The downside to having such a grip on a training club is for the low handicapper...a feeling of restriction compared to swinging with a normal grip. These training grips are built up so your fingers mesh right in the right position, so they can feel a little confined on this grip.

Benefits Of A Training Grip

As mentioned above, the high hancicap golfer and beginning golfer could benefit greatly from this training grip. Learning the correct grip is critical to making a good golf swing, and so many golfers start with a bad grip.

I use to use mine while I worked, in the car, and before I practiced or played. It really gave me a sense of how my hands fit on the club. These grips can be tucked away in your desk, or even on your nightstand (sorry wives).

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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