Colorado Golf Vacations Give You Extra Distance!

A vacation for golf in Colorado can give you a breath of fresh air!

Non golfers associate sport in Colorado with Aspen and skiing. However, even Aspen has a few golf courses - Americans even played golf on the moon! In mountain country, though, the Vail area is better for golf. It’s not a bad thing, though, to arrange a golf vacation in the Rockies, since the scenery is fantastic.

Colorado golf vacations are situated in elevated areas, although some, such as Denver, are flatter than the real mountain areas. If playing in Aspen or the Vail Rocky areas, for example, you may have to be well equipped with balls, unless you are really accurate!

Colorado Has a Large Selection of Golf Courses

Try Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins for more popular golfing resorts. Between them they have over 100 golf courses. Denver’s sunshine makes it an excellent venue for winter or fall golfing vacations, and its seven municipal courses are normally open all year round. Aurora also has seven city courses, all of high quality and ranging from championship standards such as Saddle Rock to courses more suitable for beginners.

Colorado Springs owns two city courses which are open all year and suitable for golfers of all standards. Another thirty or so are scattered around the general area. The city has an excellent choice of hotels and the food is excellent, so it is a great place for a golf vacation.

Choose a Colorado Vacation if You Like Scenery

Colorado is a mountain state, and most of its golf courses are located in amazing scenery. Mountains, rivers, trees . . . that’s what you get when you opt for a Colorado golf vacation. If you like deserts go to Arizona. If you like mountains and rivers go to Colorado. You can even fit a bit of skiing in if you get some time off the course.

How about the elevation. Colorado is high up, even at Denver level! If you vacation in Colorado you will 10% to your distance due to the rarified air. If you normally drive 250, you will do 275. But these mountain views will make you forget the extra length. Colorado golf vacations are famous for great scenery.

So, take a chance. You may not know exactly what you are getting if you have never golfed in Colorado, but be adventurous. You are certain to find courses that you will love and you will never forget that scenery. You may also come out that bit fitter . . . after all the exercise you will get at altitude!

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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