Golf Vacations Can Suit Every Type Of Golfer

Scottsdale Golf Course

If you're looking for a golf vacation, do a little research first!

If you are thinking of a golf vacation there are plenty of options and possibilities for you to choose from, and the choice you make will depend on your specific circumstances.

Are you married with children? If so, you will probably find that a vacation combining golf and the beach will likely keep everyone happy, especially if your children are young.

There are countless beach vacations that include golf as an option ranging from resorts that cater specifically for golfing holidays with golf coaching supplied and regular tournaments available, to beaches and hotels with their own golfing facilities provided. There are also a wide range of prices to suit most pockets.

You Can Book A Hotel or Take A Golfing Tour

Some vacations cater exclusively for golfers, and can be based at a specific location or take the form of a tour. Many hotels offer vacations that include the use of their own golf course and allocate tee times to each room number.

With these, you will generally be limited in the number of courses you can play, and in the choice of tee times but they are popular with the older golfers.

Golfing tours, in which you will travel from course to course are popular. The emphasis on this type of golfing vacation is definitely on the golf. You will be playing golf every day, mostly two rounds a day, and such a vacation is not for the occasional golfer.

Make Sure You Book Your Tee Times and Hire Golf Clubs

Once you have decided what type of golf holiday you want, it is time to check the availability and book up. The two most popular ways of doing this are by using a travel agent or on the internet. The internet can allow you to compare different options, both with regard to golf facilities and prices, and many golfers use it to book up their annual vacation.

Whatever means you use, make sure that your tee times are guaranteed and that green fees are covered. The last thing you want is to find the green fees a strain on your pocket, or that your tee times are not suitable for you.

You may decide to rent your golf clubs at the resort, rather than carry them with you. If so, make sure you make arrangements beforehand. Golf club rental is popular on vacation and clubs can be scarce during busy periods

Whatever vacation you choose, plan it well and you will be sure to enjoy both your golf and the other attractions available. Most people only have one vacation a year, so enjoy it and fit in loads of golf.

Mike Pedersen
Golf Performance Coach

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