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magine stepping on the first tee as a fit, trim and stronger golfer. Knowing your playing partners are not only jealous of your game, but the great shape you've quickly gotten yourself into. It's not as hard as you think, and you'll never have to go on a diet to do it! AND...it doesn't matter your age or fitness level!

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If you're looking for another diet book, stop reading this page! This is NOT a diet! What I'm providing is the easiest way to shed unwanted pounds. Sure I have dozens of nutrition tips in this ebook, but there is NO DIET! I have never believed in diets, because if they worked, there would only be ONE...not a new one coming out every week!

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Don't believe all the hype and false promises you read on the covers of the latest, greatest new diet books. They just want your money! In stead, apply simple, easy and reasonable changes to your current lifestyle and watch the pounds melt away!

Don't fall into the trap that you need hundreds of dollars of weight loss supplements. You'll blow a wad of money and not see a pound come off! Those supplements DON'T WORK!

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I'm not talking about drastic measures here! You don't need to become a marathoner, or a 2-hour-a-day gym rat, but you do have to apply what I tell you if you want results! There's no shortcut here. You've got to be a little wiser with certain choices and decisions you make after getting my golfers weight loss ebook.

Just ONE Tip Can Help You Lose 5-10 Pounds

All it will take is one of my weight loss tips and you'll soon be losing weight. I hear this all the time! I've helped golfers I just met on the course and the next time I see them they tell me they've lost "x number of pounds". That's pretty cool!

Learn about the secret weight loss drink that will not only help you drop pounds, but feel a ton better almost right away!

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Golfer Weight Loss

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